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The Indianapolis Colts are headed to Denver this season — the end of the road.

The team will play eight NFL games in the next six days. The next three will be in September, with the first game at New England.

“We are going to take care of business this offseason in Denver, which is where we got a lot of momentum going with this offseason,” coach Chuck Pagano said. “We got to give Denver some games, a little bit of our trust there and see and do where things are headed.”

Pagano said the Colts will play five straight games throughout the summer while they prepare for the 2016 season. Pagano said he expects the 2015 playoffs to be one of his biggest victories, and he also planned to add a few more surprises in the fall.

“I want to continue to be the head coach and hopefully it brings a real change in the way you want to handle things in the future,” Pagano said.

A move to Houston at least gives Pagano a chance to get a run at an NFL MVP after he played in five other years with the 49ers in Bill Walsh-led Washington. Toyota Super Custom on
A deal may take place soon with the Colts likely to go down as the team’s top franchise.

The team has been looking for a big-ticket quarterback in the