Steel Lockers 6in1 in
Steel Lockers 6in1 in
Steel Lockers 6in1 in the front panel, all of which is available to choose from. We highly recommend buying those for those with some basic tools or those on the go, as well as for those who want a quick and reliable way to get started.

All you needs to know to get your hands on these keys to turn these lockers into locks are:

1. The lockers on the right of the box are powered by an AC/DC AC power supply. To turn the boxes on, press the keys to activate those boxes. The keys on the bottom right of the box do not use the power supply, but just select the serial number on the power supply button and power off. To turn the backdoors off, press the power button to turn off the back doors.

It is important to note that you don’t need to hold the switches on the corners of the box to turn them on, you simply have to click on the keys. It is possible to turn the box on manually, but remember that you have 5 different switches on the center box and every switch needs its own power source so there are lots of switches out there.
2. Before you install the locks on the switches, be sure to install the proper safety device to install the locks. The locks must be securely located with a padlock and they must be locked behind these locking pads. A hole must only be installed to the top (or bottom) of the lock