Sports Shoes in Addis Ababa
Sports Shoes in Addis Ababa

The world’s largest footwear retailer is introducing new features to its new products to celebrate its 200th anniversary. Addis ABaba is proud to offer world wide experiences such as a full blown new shoes shoe style with a unique look and high performance comfort.

A unique form of footwear has been hand-finished to create this exquisite look. With its sleek leather lining, classic designs and high performance features an elegant design balance is achieved with a strong emphasis on style.

Addis ABaba’s new footwear comes in five new colors, to provide you with different textures and colors to match any given style or environment. At the same time you will be able to use them for a lifetime! Each pair of shoes will meet the same criteria, from design, shape and fit.

Please note: Please pay no extra while you order your shoes. Addis ABaba uses every option offered to customize your shoes to suit your lifestyle. You can choose your brand, brand name or brand logo if the company you live in is in China.

We will ship to the following countries:

Belize, Germany, France, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary and Austria


Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Brazil, Hungary





Switzerland, Poland, Romania, and the Czech Republic