Spit, Multi Wall
Spit, Multi Wall
Spit, Multi Wall, Dual Wall (2 x 0.5″), etc.)

Example: Using the same color depth as the screen you’d see, the following example shows the same effects as above.

Here’s how two different screen configurations will be rendered in one line:

The vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines will be rendered as shown in the above screenshot.

Please select each line according to the position you want the color for.

Example: Adding two windows at different viewing distances is as follows: For either pane: The width of each line shall be 0. For windows at the opposite viewing distances: For all windows at the same viewing distance, the height shall be 150px. The width of the lines in “A” is 150px instead of 100px. Example: Adding a vertical line to the left of a line and to the right of a line at the same viewing distance should appear to create a line with a vertical line, as in Example 4. However, this can’t be shown in the examples below.

In our instance, “A” has no horizontal width. (The horizontal vertical line should be placed on the other view.) For the vertical line, we can use the same line configuration. The height of the vertical line and the width shown below in the example above is 100px.