Smart Watches & Trackers in Dire Dawa city
Smart Watches & Trackers in Dire Dawa city

We’ve got an entire section dedicated to Moto Z5 & Moto G series models

We have a long list of brand new models from Moto Z5 and Moto G series

See below for a short overview of all that has changed with regard to the Z5
The Z5 is a great example of the 3.5 mm camera you can take an amazing picture of with your Android phone and video camera

The latest generation of Moto Z watches & trackers have been upgraded to now have a much better camera lens – that’s how good they are now

Here we have some information about some of the Moto Z models, new features and specifications.

A lot has changed in terms of how watches and Trackers work with Android Wear

We’ve put a lot of work into making a watch & tracker that does not depend on an Android Wear watch and does not rely on an Android Wear watch app

Android Wear is now compatible with all Samsung watches and watch apps with 2.0 or later

Here we have all the information you need regarding the Android Wear smartwatch on Android Wear, what we’ve added to the Moto Z, how to make your device and how to get the service

The Moto Z is now based on the 4th generation Smartwatch OS.

We continue to test the Moto Z5 & Moto G series models and see if they can deliver on