Simple Moisturizing Facial Wash
Simple Moisturizing Facial Wash
Gels as opposed to foams, creams, lotions, etc. have a gel-like consistency. They foam easily in damp palms or with a mesh. The effectiveness of the product depends on how well the manufacturer has successfully selected a “cocktail” of surfactants (cleaners) and additional caring components (oils, fruit acids, plant extracts, etc.). It is also important how the composition of the cleanser matches your skin type.
Facial cleansing gel is a basic care product found in most face care series of various brands. Three groups of gels can be conventionally distinguished:
Pharmacy. The most popular are Vichy, Avene, La Roche-Posay, Bioderma, Uriage, CeraVe brands. As a rule, they are dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, and often have not only cosmetic, but also therapeutic effect. Prices for such products are high, but the result also meets expectations. If your skin has pronounced problems, welcome to the pharmacy.
Professional. Representatives of salon cosmetics can cause both delight and disappointment, since they are not cheap, and the effectiveness is not always at its best. Nevertheless, several brands caught our attention: Christina, Janssen, Holy Land – reviews of the cleansing gels for these forms are mostly positive. A special niche is occupied by Korean gels for washing (in our rating it is the COSRX brand) – they are invariably praised for their high quality and adequate price.
Mass market. In this category, the assortment of cleansing gels is large, as well as the rise in prices. Many domestic and foreign brands are represented, choosing from which is not an easy task. Let’s just say that gels of the “mass market” category may well suit the skin without significant problems. Even budget washbasins do their main task well. You just need to ensure that they do not dry out the epidermis.
The product is intended for daily gentle cleansing of all skin types. The gel is colorless, without abrasives and inclusions, there are no sulfates, parabens and alcohol in the composition. Softens tap water, making cleansing more gentle on sensitive skin. Purete Thermale, when mixed with water, forms a delicate, thin foam, quickly and efficiently removes all types of dirt. According to the girls, after washing with the gel, the skin is clean, fresh, “breathing”.
Just a gorgeous tool! Removes impurities, cosmetics perfectly! The skin breathes and enjoys after it and there are much fewer pimples. The consumption is small, a drop is enough for washing.
This Korean face wash is marketed as a “morning” skin cleanser. It contains many natural ingredients (tea tree oil, plant extracts) and fruit acids. The manufacturer emphasizes that the ph of the product (5.0-6.0) is close to the natural ph of the skin. Indeed, the gel works very delicately and absolutely does not dry out even sensitive, dry or mature skin. And the owners of the mixed type with dry areas note its effectiveness and exceptional comfort in use.
The only remedy for which there is no feeling of tightness at all. It will not work miracles, but it will provide you with a comfortable morning wash. Just good, proper basic care.
The domestic product provides gentle washing for all skin types. The gel has a light lemon scent, foams poorly, which does not reduce its cleansing ability; easy to wash off. Does not contain aggressive surfactants, the composition is rich in natural ingredients. Girls in the reviews note that with regular use of Levrana gel, rashes appear less often on the skin, and irritation and pimples pass faster.
I liked the gel very much, cleans well, there are no aggressive sulfates in the composition, the skin does not dry out, there are no new inflammations. I definitely recommend this cleansing gel!
The Russian cosmetics manufacturer Chistaya Liniya has pleased its customers with the best inexpensive gel for washing – “Ideal Skin”. Designed for all skin types, it promises deep cleansing without feeling dry. The composition contains such active ingredients as pomegranate and chamomile, which prevent the appearance of acne.
Well, I would not say that the Clean Line makes the skin PERFECT, but something can still … My personal result is that inflammation has become less, it does not itch. After washing, the skin does not tighten, although it is far from oily. The gel also foams well, it is convenient for them to wash off cosmetics. Simple Moisturizing Facial Wash
Gel made in France is designed for a delicate basic wash. Available in 273 and 473 ml bottles. The product has a weak pharmacy odor without fragrances, easily beats in the palms of your hands into a dense, persistent foam. Gently cleanses and does not dry the skin, while perfectly removes oily sheen. According to reviews, the gel, with constant use, helps to get rid of acne and inflammation, noticeably improves the appearance of oily skin. However, when they try to wash off mascara from the eyelashes, it visibly stings the eyes and is generally not suitable for removing long-lasting makeup.