Samsung Galaxy S4 in Ethiopia
Samsung Galaxy S4 in Ethiopia
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Samsung has achieved success with the Galaxy line, which is reflected in the fact that the Galaxy S3 sold 20 million units in the first 5 months, and the total circulation of this device will exceed 60 million units. If we talk about the previous device, the Galaxy S2 was also a successful product, but in the first 5 months only 10 million units were sold, which is not bad at all, but does not sound as beautiful as in the case of the Galaxy S3.
In 2013, Samsung has two tasks – the first and the main one to overtake Apple in sales of a single product, that is, to make the Galaxy S4 beat the iPhone 5, and also to keep sales at the time of the release of the iPhone 5s or any other Apple model. The company calculated that it could achieve sales of 40 million units in the first five months. The second task is to provide a flagship smartphone, a universal solution for different groups of consumers, among which a noticeable part are the owners of previous devices of the Galaxy line – primarily the Galaxy S2.
If we start from the market, the shares of companies and what happened in 2012-2013, then we can seriously consider two smartphones – Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy, these two lines constituted the main competition, while all the others acted as catch-up and could not even come close to these products. In the market for Android smartphones, the gap between Galaxy and its closest competitors in sales is not several times, but orders of magnitude, and this is noticeable with the naked eye. The gap between the iPhone and the latter in sales is significant, but not by orders of magnitude; in the third quarter of 2012, the Galaxy S3 even temporarily took first place in world sales. With the release of the S4, the situation may change in Samsung’s favor.
For consumers, the Galaxy S4 is the most faceless device in terms of design, which repeats the appearance of the previous devices in the line, very much resembles them. If we talk about whether this is good or bad, I don’t presume to judge, but I can argue that this approach works and sales speak for themselves. Look for a device that is bright in terms of design, the Galaxy S4 is unlikely to suit you. This model is aimed at a very wide range of consumers, as a result, it was made as inexpressive as possible. A bar that everyone will be able to turn into their own individual, unique phone at the expense of the screen, selected programs and accessories. How much this approach will play, we will see in a month, but for now we can say that all the prerequisites for success are there (just remember the discussions that are raging around the device).
In my opinion, the age audience of this device is maximum – from children to the elderly, and the number of functions aimed at adapting the phone for such different consumers is very large. This also applies to the way of life – a very great potential has been laid in the phone, which is difficult to underestimate. A universal solution that looks very strong against the background of any device on the market. And the question is not that it has certain functions – it is a constructor in which everyone chooses the capabilities he needs and disables those that are not needed. I will give just one example – the control of the screen with gloves was proposed by Nokia in the Lumia 920, but you did not have the opportunity to disable this setting for the screen – that is, regardless of whether you use this option or not, it consumes a little battery power. … In the Galaxy S4, you are offered an adaptive screen and the ability to turn it off – that is, if you do not plan to use the function or will only use it in winter, you can safely turn it off and save energy, that is, slightly extend the operating time of your device. The entire ideology of the Galaxy S4 is built precisely on this approach – a constructor of separate functions, in which you can flexibly customize everything for yourself. If in the Galaxy S3 this constructor was quite interesting and allowed to achieve an increase in the operating time of 10-25 percent, then here the difference reaches from 10 to 40 percent in the operating time. The same phone, maybe
There were no striking changes in the design of the flagship, it is about the same look as the Galaxy S3, Note II and a dozen of similar models from the company. Is it a shame? Perhaps. But this is bought in millions of copies, and why the design issue was decided so, I told here.
Many expected that with an increase in the diagonal of the screen to 4.99 inches, the dimensions of the device would increase in comparison with the Galaxy S3, but it became thinner and a little narrower (3 grams minus, 0.7 mm from the thickness – 136.6×69.8×7.9 mm, 130 grams). Considering that all other characteristics, including the battery, have improved, then the company can be commended for this. And immediately scold her for trying to solve the problem of plastic, which is far-fetched by inventing other hypostases. So at the presentation they said that the case is very reliable, since it is made of polycarbonate (this is just one of the types of plastic and nothing more). Starting from Nokia N9, polycarbonate is used in a number of Nokia models, but there is a completely different design – it is more massive. It’s like comparing a plastic bag and something more massive, but made of the same plastic. It seems like the same thing, but the result is different.
The lid is not brittle, it can be bent a lot and this is great for taking appropriate photos. But in practice, there were no problems with covers in SGS3 and other models. That is, there is a solution to an imaginary problem and indulging the crowd, which is a deliberately losing move. Either it is necessary to change the materials in order to give what a part of the audience supposedly wants, or not to focus attention on it at all.
Changed the quality of the coating, an attempt to wipe it showed that scratches appear, but due to the points that make up the picture, they are not visible. The cover is overwritten much slower and worse, however, we cannot say that this has become a problem for the Galaxy S3. Most of the complaints about this came from those who had never used the device and cited this argument as an argument against the Galaxy S3.
The side edging, as in the Galaxy S3, is made to look like metal, but it is plastic, which can be scratched if desired (in practice, it is almost impossible to get scratches on the edging, even if the device is dropped).
Initially, the model is available in two colors – white and dark gray. I had both devices, I like the traditionally dark gray, but we can say that this is a matter of taste and nothing more. Later, there will be about 5-6 different color solutions for this model, as happened for the Galaxy S3. It can be expected that additional colors will start coming out in September-October, before the New Year holidays, their number will be maximum. In January, there will be options for the La Fleur collection.
The build quality of the phone does not give rise to any complaints, the back cover fits snugly to the body and is easy to remove. A slightly different shape of the side edges creates a different impression, when you take the device in your hand, you feel its edges. Of course, this difference will become noticeable for those who are already used to the Galaxy S3, but for example, when switching from S2, there is no such feeling at all.