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Page not found – the website owner has made his decision based on a list of possible problems for which he will face a suspension, according to multiple reports and social media leaks.

The site owner, Peter Segal, was suspended after a post in July in which he was accused of using anti-Semitic imagery. He has since responded stating that they were just trying to cover all the “jerk actions” that are going on with the site due to his alleged “inappropriate” statements, many of them from the controversial user, who also used Twitter and another website to post anti-Semitic and racist comments against whites and Jews.

The owner of Segal’s site, the @TheRealJamesJones, began by declaring he would “put the website down” but was later taken down after several comments and posts of racist language. Page not found –
A screenshot of his Twitter post, which was posted by @TheRealJamesJones during a November post,

An image of the @TheRealJamesJones account, which Segal calls a “subway trolling site”

A screenshot of the @TheRealJamesJones account

A screenshot of the @TheRealJamesJones account:

Several anonymous user’s accounts which were created to troll and incite hate against whites have now been deleted from their Twitter and Facebook accounts, with Segal saying that although none of these are offensive racist and anti-Semitic, they are likely to get attention and encourage more posts. There are