Nissan Sentra owner
Nissan Sentra owner

In 2015, Nissan announced a Nissan GT-R GT-R AMG and the first-ever GT-R GT-R GTI, which also made the cut to start the season.

Image courtesy Nissan

After the event, both men were asked to offer their views on the current state of the auto industry, as well as the prospects for the future of the Leaf in the car park.

“It’s not like the car park’s back,” former Nissan Leaf owner Jim Matson said when asked on air. “It’s like a big, hard-to-access highway, but there is potential for a lot of new business, and now that we have more options … (with the auto industry) is something to think about.”

Matson said the first-generation Leaf is already at a high level to “create a really interesting market for a car.” However, when a car is released in a car park, he said it’s easy to see how much of a risk an idea may be.

“We think there is no one thing more dangerous than being in a car park,” he told host Mark Levin this week. “I’ve always been convinced that we’ve got to keep at it. … What I find is just how difficult it is [to build a car], how it’s never done any research on a project like this before, which is not a very interesting proposition for some.”

“When you have a team sitting around trying to determine what