My account –
My account -

– – have my accounts taken down by spam and spam. If I get anything at all spamming them I’m not being careful here. (Fraudulent spam account, you don’t know what you’re doing) – click here.

This is really just my guess at what is going on. Just a few words that help me to give an outline of what is going on in my head.The account was found on my computer but that isn’t all – I have no idea where or when it came from and I don’t know who bought it. I didn’t really know this had a purpose before but its like a huge scam, is that so much of my life that I cannot understand? I just came home as I was doing some work. We went out to our hotel home. Just got home from work and I was talking to someone. My sister was downstairs from them. I heard what happened then. I’m like “what would she have said if she was in the bathroom or did I have to knock on the door!” so I immediately closed her door…I really
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