Mitsubishi 3000GT Two Thousand – LYžE from Czech to English Owner’s Review.

Accidentally came to the reviews thread and could not resist to write. By the way, had already begun to write, and realized that went to the left-handed version, and I have the GTO, but yes well, as they say the same . exclusively in the profile, I’ll write there too.

I’ll just run through the pics first. One – This is the most recent photo, two weeks ago. How hard is our life with the car, slow down at every post, sucking … (I mean blood) and all that.

02 – That’s the one I bought in the beginning (The kid wanted red, but white is also nice). Reddish in general the hard way to get for the money, they only put up at auction 10 pieces a week, of their only suitable for me complete set Z16A-MJGF pieces 2-3, and if you also pare at the color, so until retirement to choose. In addition, by this period I came to the firm conviction that the color of the car should be chameleon and no other way. After buying my favorite rims Yokohama AVS Model7 on nineteen inches. Too bad there were only three of them.

03 – This is a magical rite of passage to transform and bring me closer to the face of my dreams. I do everything with my own hands, I trust no one. Even if it’s the 2nd car in my life that I’ve decided to paint.

04 – Details. The main thing is the little things! Honestly, the conditions are nothing. Tiny, low, airtight and unventilated room. A micro gas chamber. The process went on continuously for 30 6 hours. I had a headache later in the day. But look at the spoiler. It’s a VeilSide, just a work of art. I bought it two months before I bought the car. When I saw it, I bought it. When you wash it, polish it, or just stroke it, you get a real sexy feeling.

05 – These are my two favorite jobs. I have to say, the FTO is a car that I also wanted almost as much as the GTO. So, when the opportunity presented itself, I did not torture myself and bought both cars at once. When I saw the FTO for the first time about 5 years ago, I was speechless, it struck me with its design as a flawless cut diamond. Let it have front-wheel drive and not a turbo, and only 200 horses… Forgive me for this lyrical digression – emotions.

06 – Big Brother and Little Sister. Here I’ve already dressed up the GTO in new 19-inch rims, again Yokohama AVS, only Model5. They are also very beautiful and admirable.

07 – Until I had a beautiful Yokohama, I had to drive these fancy shiny wheels that I took off my old BMW. (Don’t ask me how much time I spent explaining to the turner how to put on the 114.3 studs on 100 20mm holes). Disks are also 19″, that’s one thing that justifies their existence. Because on wheels smaller than 19″, I consider riding lower my own pluses, I have a hard time living in this world of 13″-17″ rubber. C’est la vie! The arches are very huge and allow you to cram 20 inches or more in here without a fuss, but that freaking cup spring won’t let. And driving with a profile of less than 30 5 off-road is very cool. I haven’t trained like that yet.

08 – This is our local tuning show BMSh-2008. The pictures where I painted the car, were taken three days before. Three sleepless nights. But people liked it, especially the painting and the red-yellow-gold chameleon. You bet. One liter of this paint costs 20,000 at the moment!

09 – Everything is clear here.

10 – Here too. I would like to make four plastic fangs where the mouth is in the center, it will give a more groovy and carnivorous look.

Now, in fact, a review.

Over the past 10 years of my life, I’ve developed a certain worldview of what my dream car should be. It should look like a Ferrari F50, a Dodge Viper, a Pontiac Firebird, a Mitsubishi 3000GT. It should drive like a Nissan GTR, Porsche 911, Lancer EVO, Mazda RX7-RS, Mitsubishi 3000GT. And all this at a reasonable price. In short, the choice is obvious. In addition, I consider the 3000GT a triumph of Japanese technical thought. How many you understand cars with three or more liters, twin-turbo, four-wheel drive, with four steering wheels and variable stiffness of shock absorbers?? And this was all back in the year one thousand nine hundred and ninety-two! Plus, there are useful nifty things like 6-speed mechanics, differentiated exhaust manifold geometry (not to mention intake geometry) and, best of all, differentiated body geometry. Т.Under a bottom there is such huge plastic trough, which can press to the ground, thereby reducing clearance, plus the slope of a spoiler changes at once. True, this magic stock spoiler had to be sacrificed to a masterpiece from VeilSide.

In general, the real car should be a Vedo. Naturally, I have nothing against the Camaro or Mustang. But, to get high in this case, you should put on unresentable drag tires with 15″ and 100 profile. And at every traffic light, go out and sprinkle drag glue on the asphalt. And the funny thing is, I’d do it for the thrill of starting off with the front tires torn off. But I don’t have the glue and I don’t have a Camaro or a Mustang yet. That’s why I’ll enjoy crazy acceleration in 4WD.

But why am I all about looks and shape?. There is something that nobody can do, except for Japanese – it is hidden, internal techno and technological beauty. It will be understood only by those who have tried with admiration and awe a lot of Japanese and with a certain rejection and aversion of all sorts of Zhiguli, Germans and Europeans. It is not offensive, they are beautiful from outside and drive like that. So, I looked at the system 4WS, admired the elegance and genius of thought, and only one fly in the ointment marred my existence – traces of rust on the pipes. Just for the love of beauty, I ordered all new tubes, adapters and changed. Plus, I painted and varnished the most important parts. It looks great!

A little bit about moving in space. Not exactly riding, but moving. When you get in, or rather get in, and step on the gas, it feels like you’re in space and flying into battle in a rocket fighter. I agree that the GTR is almost a second quicker, even when it’s not racing, although that’s just because of the weight. But there’s no limit to perfection. I’ve taken the restrictors off the turbos, they’re now pushing 1.6 bars compared to the stock 0.5-0.8, would have made more, but the microprocessor ran out of fuel map at that pressure, need to take the E-Manage. Followed by injectors, pump, flowmeter… Later my liners will rotate, crank rod will bend… Again an occasion to change something… In short I wish to drive faster than GTR. Why?? Moskvichi in Krasnoyarsk presented Soarer one thousand 500 strong and 3000GT one thousand three hundred horse. It’s a pity that the MMC box broke down, but the Soarer is a beauty that eventually made all Nissan’s!

In a word, I am a fan of Mitsubishi brand. I had six cars of this brand, though at the moment only five remain. First love – Mirage (3 years in a row, the absolute favorite of Irk. region in SPL-146.5db). Galant MX – good old reliable stallion. Galant 4WD TwinTurbo – I want to make Heavy Metal Mobile. Lancer Evolution VI – special supercharged sports car for circuit racing, drove only two months, later the oil leaked and the engine jammed, well, thank God I got rid of it, it was a real kortch. And the two little FTO’s and GTO’s. All in all, all cars are not bad, love them and they’ll do the same for you.