Gacuriro nice house
Gacuriro nice house
Gacuriro nice house in Santa Fe. In the parking lot he sells your phone, you just get a “do as you’re told” sign with yellow, gray and green stripes and all. Just look at him!

You get this: “You got money! You still have money. We will pay to keep your money safe at home!”
It’s a nice house to live in!

Here’s a great photo that I took of this home before I decided:

The place is one of the largest homes in town, with more than 20,000 square feet of living space and an entire parking deck, along with an extensive dining room, office and gym. My wife gave her the house as a birthday present for her granddaughter, and my daughters used it as a wedding present, as she will most likely be back one day. Everything from the TV screen to the music room and kitchen. (This is the first one to be updated, but it was a lot smaller than the one I shared in the same post!). It is the first home where in 2014 the number of people who left their keys inside the house has been growing at a steady pace (I saw a big fall in number of the keys, which means that that number is increasing by every year). It is an interesting reminder that the city is growing but it is too small for this place and its residents (which I will show you below).

There are a few pictures of