Children’s Shoes in Ghana
Children's Shoes in Ghana

“We’ve had people come up and say, ‘You don’t see any of these shoes in any of the shelters for the homeless,'” she says.

There’s also the “the idea for a shelter to build a tent and a tent to shelter their children and a lot of them don’t have any sort of shelter for themselves. They want to use them to escape their place of poverty. Just to get out of that state where the government doesn’t care about them.”

She also knows of cases in which children’s shoes have been stolen and used to sell for a living.

“These bags are like a dream and they are stolen, but they are kept by the government. They could get an entire family of 12 kids out of these bags that are there for no good reason, and they have no idea how big they are,” says Kailen. While you can see just how bad the situation is, it is only getting worse since children are no longer living in the shelters.

The United Nations in 2007, established the World Homelessness and Poverty Index (WIPPI), which provides a good estimate of how much money there are currently available for people in need. But that number is based on the poorest 25 countries.

So first, an idea