Children’s Clothing in Tanzania
Children's Clothing in Tanzania
It is worth going to Tanzania and Zanzibar with dollars – it is the most profitable of all. On the spot, you will exchange them for Tanzanian shillings (see our converter for the current exchange rate against the ruble and other currencies). The exchange rate in banks and official exchangers in the country is approximately the same. Street money changers offer tempting conversions, but you shouldn’t trust them – they have already learned to profit from tourists.
Cashless payments are possible at hotels, in some restaurants and large stores, but in small shops and markets you will have to pay in cash. Withdrawing money from a card is not an easy undertaking, so forget about this option. When exchanging currency for shillings, remember that it is prohibited to export local money from Tanzania. In general, in large stores you can pay with dollars. So do not bother too much, unless, of course, you plan to get far from the hotel.
So what can you bring from Tanzania?
The best shopping in Tanzania awaits you in Zanzibar. And already on the island – in the capital of the same name. In other places, the choice is more modest, and the prices are higher. When shopping in Zanzibar, we recommend going to the central part of the city. Stroll through the markets and along Hurumzi and Kenyatta Road.
Also, for shopping in Zanzibar, you should look into the largest shopping center in Tanzania Memories of Zanzibar. Here, by the way, cards are accepted, and the prices are fixed. And the selection of goods is one of the largest on the island.
But prices are not always indicated on the markets. You are supposed to bargain. So feel free to start the traditional bazaar “game”. But remember that locals are a little touchy. So the tricks that you may have once done in Turkey or Egypt will not work.
From Zanzibar, it is worth bringing clothes made from natural fabrics – especially cotton. Look for it in markets or shops. Tourists leave good reviews about shopping at the One Way store (this is on Kenyatta Road). There is a good selection of good quality clothing for women, men and children.
You need to be more careful in the markets. Often, poor quality synthetic items can be sold under the guise of cotton.
We are not actually fans of souvenir T-shirts, but they are painfully unusual in Zanzibar. Where else can you buy a quality T-shirt made of thick cotton with the words “Hakuna Matata” or “Zanzibar”? And even with a bright African-style pattern or with a safari image. And all the fun for some 15-20 thousand shillings.
Not all Europeans like African leather accessory designs. If this is about you, take a closer look at belts, wallets or notebooks. They are made here soundly and quite nicely. Lovers of exotic in Zanzibar can buy things made of crocodile skin – it is profitable.
In Tanzania, sapphires, rubies, emeralds, diamonds, and garnets of the highest quality are mined. Of the unique – Tanzanian green tourmalines and stunning tanzanites. Remember the blue diamond from the Titanic? This is tanzanite.
It’s a shame, but most of the products are exported, so the choice of jewelry in Zanzibar is not too large. However, you can still buy something – prices will be lower than in Russia.
If you decide to buy jewelry as a souvenir of your trip to Tanzania, be sure to ask the seller for a receipt and a certificate. Customs officers sometimes check papers.
From jewelry, women and girls may like accessories made of soapstone, beads or wood. Uniquely designed jewelry can be bought in Zanzibar. Prices for simple bracelets start at just 2,000 shillings. There are so many different earrings, beads, bracelets and other things here that they are dazzling in the eyes.