Hotel CV
Hotel CV

Our company is completely legal and has a license to employ citizens of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus on the territory of the Turkish Republic, as well as on the territory of the island of Northern Cyprus. With BB Staff, your employment has a guarantee of protection from the state, as well as from our company, as well as your rights are fully protected by law. We are located directly on site and solve all problems on site at the hotel.
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The hotel administrator is the first person a visitor meets, so it is his responsibility to create a positive first impression. What does a hotel administrator do? His responsibilities include coordinating the work of the hotel. He is responsible for the coordination of staff actions and gives instructions to employees, advises hotel guests, settles them, introduces them to the rules of residence, issues and collects room keys, is responsible for correspondence.

At the time when hotels were still called inns, the functions of the hotel administrator were most often performed directly by the owners of the establishment. They received guests, they established procedures, they also controlled their implementation. Today, the profession of a hotel administrator is in great demand because the tourism industry is actively developing and the number of hotels and hostels is growing.

The duties of the hotel administrator include:

Employers put forward the following requirements for the hotel administrator: