Apple iPhone 7 128 GB Black
Apple iPhone 7 128 GB Black
Now it is convenient to read from mobile phones!
Apple changed the packaging technology in the new iPhones, now, to remove the packaging film from the box, you just need to pull on the special tab. The top cover is now also slightly easier to remove.
Among the innovations, it is worth highlighting EarPods with Lightning and a 3.5 mm adapter. Please note that the adapter wire is very thin, so I still recommend getting separate headphones with Lightning support or using the bundled headphones. I myself do not really like EarPods, because while wearing them, I do not leave the (deceptive) feeling that the headphones are about to fall out of my ears. Plus, they play “outside”, so if someone with such headphones listens to music at high volume, then you can find out everything about the musical preferences of a neighbor.
On the other hand, I see a lot of positive reviews about these headphones from ordinary users, it is clear that the owners like them. If we talk about the sound, then it has become a little more voluminous, the difference in comparison with the previous generation is audible.
The last change has to do with the headphone box. The plastic case was changed to paper packaging, it looks simpler, and it’s harder to open it. However, for me, it would be better to have a box like this, but there will be an adapter in the kit, rather than a plastic case, but without an adapter.
In the new iPhones, the plastic strips for the antennas were changed, they were hidden at the ends, thanks to which the appearance of the models became more accurate.
Two new colors are now available: matte black and glossy Jet Black. The latter is sold only in 128 and 256 GB versions. I had a matte version on my test, it looks great: strict, practical, while the antenna strips are practically invisible.
An important innovation that, for some reason, few people remember. The new iPhones slide much less in the hand, which is very cool, because it was simply scary to wear sixes without covers. The tactile sensations have also changed, if the previous versions were very smooth and because of this they just slipped out, then the new generation has become more rough and velvety. The material is perceived differently, moreover, it is more practical.
The camera peephole has changed a bit, now it looks neater and does not cling to pants pockets if you carry your iPhone without a case.
The device has become waterproof according to the IP67 standard. That is, you can drop it into water without any consequences. However, here I agree with Sergey Kuzmin, if the manufacturer guarantees moisture resistance, this does not mean that you need to swim with your phone every day, dip it in cola, splash in a glass, etc.
Apple decided to abandon the 3.5 mm headphone jack, while at the presentation they did not hesitate to use the phrase “we had the courage to do it”. We had a separate article from Eldar Murtazin, in which he talks in detail about the reasons for this step.
This is not the first time that the company has been rebuilding the industry for itself, let us recall at least the various standards of SIM cards that all manufacturers eventually came to, or a laptop with a single port – this idea was also repeated by other companies like same day lend – urgent cash loan today. So, I’m sure that the refusal from 3.5 mm will be repeated by other vendors in their flagships. Someone will immediately remember that Apple was not the first in its decision, but it does not matter. What matters is how widespread this approach will become once it is applied to the iPhone.
Another change is the move to a tactile Home touch button. The same Force Touch technology is used as in the company’s new MacBooks, however, some reviewers wrote that the implementation in the iPhone is still worse.